Micro.blog Game Days! 🎮

Let's get together and play some games online. The plan is to setup a fairly regular schedule of sessions where we can all get together and play different games on different systems.

Q: How is this going to work?
A: Great question! Of the responses we have gotten so far, the vast majority of people have a Nintendo Switch, followed by PS4, and then Xbox One.

Currently, I am thinking that each "game day" we have a "host game" for each platform and people can join the discord channel for that platform to coordinate games.

Each platform can play the "host game" for ~an hour, and then after that, if people want to keep going or play other games, that can be coordinated within the Discord.

This whole idea is going to need to be a community effort since it definitely won't work with just me trying to wrangle everything.

Q: How do I get to the Discord?
A: https://discord.gg/jaNBdrx

Q: What platforms are people on?
A: Currently we are looking at Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. No reason not to add PC at some point as well if there are enough people.

Q: Can we set up games outside the "game days"?
A: For sure! Coordinate through the Discord channels so everyone can see what's coming up!

Q: Is this going to work?
A: 🤷. I hope so! Won't know until we try! 😀 👍

Public Calendar Link ↗️

Schedule 🗓

Session 1
May 15th, 8am - Portland
May 15th, 11am - New York
May 15th, 4pm - London
May 16th, 1am - Sydney
Session 2
May 15th, 6pm - Portland
May 15th, 9pm - New York
May 16th, 2am - London
May 16th, 11am - Sydney

Games to Play
TBD in Discord

Games to Play
TBD in Discord

Games to Play
TBD in Discord

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